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Rodent Baiting

Thin out the rodent population around your home.

Starting at $40/month

Covers up to 4 bait stations

Boxes Available for purchase/$35 each

We can take over servicing your current non damaged, lockable, weighted stations.

Emailed photos of each serviced station.

Service includes locating, inspecting, removal of loose debris, refill with fresh bait, update service card, and relocate station based on your current rodent pressures.
Rodent box placed wrong

Example of ineffective box placement.

Initial Service

We clean and make any needed repairs to your current bait stations (if owned) to ensure they are safe and effective.

We place your fully baited and labelled rodent bait stations strategically around the perimeter of your home based on your current rodent pressures.

2012-07-20 16.37.27.jpg

30 Day Follow Up

We will return 30 days after installation of your rodent bait boxes to inspect bait acceptance. Rodent bait boxes may be relocated based on inspection findings.

Rodent Bait Station place properly
Rodent on Fence

Regular Service
Record Keeping*

Each service will include a report including pictures of each bait station found, opened to show bait consumed, cleaned and fresh bait applied, label updated and placed back in proper location.

Never again wonder if your rodent bait stations are being serviced as time stamped, dated photos are sent along with your service report email.

*Only available through email.

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