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Reduction Services to Reclaim Your Lawn


Service starting at $99


These programs can help reduce mosquito populations for up to 60 days!

Recurring Services for Long Term Results

The most effective way to get long term results from mosquitoes is though our recurring services. Here at Sarasota Pest & Screen Solutions, we offer bi-monthly service to reduce mosquitoes on your property. We achieve this by creating a custom plan to target and treat breeding and resting sites. 

Level 2 Pest Control 

Every 2 Months Service

Most Popular 

Includes everything Basic covers, more often


Mosquito Reduction

Fire Ant Baiting

Flea Coverage

Level 3 Pest Control

Every 2 Months Service

Complete Pest Coverage

Includes everything Basic & Plus Covers


No fire ant guarantee. 

Granular Treatment for Fire Ant Prevention

4 Rodent Boxes Included

We also email you pictures and advice on things you can do to reduce breeding sites.

One Time Mosquito Reduction Service

The Florida climate is perfect for backyard fun. Unfortunately, with the beautiful weather comes mosquitoes.

Are you tired of having to swat at mosquitoes constantly?

We can help control the population of mosquitoes in your yard, so you can sit outside without getting swarmed.

Family Backyard

Having a get together, party, or wedding?

We offer 1X services to rapidly knockdown active mosquitoes and keep them down so you and your guests can enjoy your outdoor space.

*Treatments need to be applied 1-2 days before your event for best results. 

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