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German Roach Services

German Roaches are persistent and known to be difficult to eliminate.

Service starting at $299

German Roach Hatched Egg with Nymphs  on Monitor

German Roach with hatched egg and babies on glue monitor

Intense Initial Cleanout

Your first service will require you and your pets to leave your home so we can flush cracks and crevices to get the roaches out and vacuum to physically remove a large portion of roaches on day 1. This will typically take 1-3 hours.

2012-07-20 16.37.27.jpg

Bi-Weekly Follow Ups

We will continue to return every other week to inspect, refresh all baits and replace monitors as needed.

German Roach Scat

German Roach droppings (Scat) 

German Roach

German Roach

6 Month Warranty

After the roaches have been eliminated a

6-month warranty will start from that date. So if they return, so will we.

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