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Empty Home Prep

Tired of dead insects and odors in your home when you return?

We prepare your home to be insect free when you return, including the dead ones.

Service starting at $249

We can use a key, use a code, meet a property manager or a friend. 

We can use a key, use a code, meet a property manager or a friend. 

Seal Plumbing Openings

Plumbing openings are a source of roach entry. 


Check and refresh any window, door, or other openings to ensure no insects can get inside.

Check Seals on Doors/Windows

Inspect and replace any worn window or door seals.

De-Prep Included

Let us know the day you will be back and we will schedule to return to unseal all plumbing and remove any dead insects that may have entered your home.

Recommended for 3+ Months

This service is recommended if your home will be empty for 90+ days.



Service DOES NOT include Pest Control, Rodents or any other creature. This is a mechanical exclusion to assist in keeping insects out of your home.

Interior Service
  • The day you leave we need 2 hours to prepare your home for your absence.

  • We will set out monitors to check for any insect activity while you are gone.

  • Treat drains with a foam before sealing to reduce fly breeding areas.

  • Verify all windows are locked with emailed photos. 

  • Seal toilets to keep insects from entering when water dries. 

Exterior Service
  • All spiders, webs, wasp and mud dauber nests will be removed from doors, windows, eaves.

  • All cracks on exterior 1/4” or less will be treated then sealed with clear silicone.

  • Penetration points (hose bibbs, utility boxes etc.) will be inspected and sealed as needed.

  • Leaves blown away from front entry (based on customer foot traffic)

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