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Honey Bees & Yellow Jackets

Stinging insects we need, but not in our homes.

Service starting at $199

Honey Bee Comb in cut roof


Honeybees are a very important part of our eco system. We will inspect your bee issue and advise you if a beekeeper could relocate the colony instead of elimination. 

If we determine they cannot be saved, we will create a custom plan on how to treat and remove the colony from your structure. 

Prompt removal of the dead hive is important as it will start to ferment, causing ants, odor, flies, and moisture damage in some cases. 

A sub-contractor may be required to remove the hive. We will let you know what will be needed before any agreement is made.

Honey comb
Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets

Typically found in the soil around trees with large root systems or other similar areas.

Very aggressive 

If spotted, avoid the area and call us immediately. We will do everything we can to get to your home right away. 

We understand how stressful these stinging insects can be.

We will always prioritize the safety of our customers.

Same day emergency service available.

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