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Bed Bug Service

Bed Bugs are unsettling to say the least.

Starts at $699

90 Day Warranty

Best bug Caste Skins and Eggs

How to Identify Signs of Bed Bugs

Small unexplained red bites usually towards the top of the body.

Small, unexplained blood spots on bedding or mattress usually towards the chest and shoulder areas.

Tan/Straw colored translucent material found in creases of mattress or on the carpet next to/under bed. (Seen in picture Left on Desktop or Up on Mobile)

Clusters of small rice shaped eggs

(Seen in picture on Left on Desktop or Up on Mobile)

Bed bugs spread extremely fast and are expert hitchhikers. They are usually brought home in your purse, suitcase, or simply on the clothes you were wearing after staying in an infested area.

Bed bugs do not discriminate and have been found everywhere including movie theaters, stores, offices, or the most well-kept homes.

Bug bug behind paperclip
Bed Bug

Free Inspections

Bed bugs are stressful and can cause real harm if not dealt with properly. We are highly trained and can pin point the infestation and ensure complete elimination of bed bugs. 

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