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No Commitment

1X Pest Control

Interior & Exterior service completed 1 time

Our 1X pest control service covers all the basics with a 30 day warranty. 

Service starting at $199

Over 20 common pests included

 Our 1X service covers all of the basics, roaches, ants*, spiders, weevils, meal moths, and more.

Intense Interior Service

During your pest control service, we will perform an intense treatment of the interior of your home including your accessible attic. 

2  Week Follow Up Included

2 weeks after your application, we will contact you to arrange a time and day to return and retreat the exterior perimeter of your home to ensure you stay pest free.

30 Day Warranty

30 day warranty from date of initial service date. 

Baited Roach Monitors

We install baited monitors on the follow up service to continue catching roaches.


Service DOES NOT include rodents, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bees, yellow jackets, bald faced hornets, bed bugs, *Caribbean crazy ants, mites, termites or any other wood destroying organism or parasite.

1X Pest Control

This service includes the following steps to help keep your home pest free 

  • When your technician arrives, they will greet you at the door and verify what insects have been spotted.

  • All spiders, webs, wasp and mud dauber nests will be removed from doors, windows, eaves, complete screened areas and mailbox.

  • All cracks on home 1/4” or less will be treated then sealed with clear silicone.

  •  A liquid will be applied at label rate to the foundation, soil contacting foundation, around all doors, windows, eaves, and penetration points (hose bibbs, utility boxes etc.) and perimeter of deck/lanai.

  • A granular will be applied in shrub beds 10' out from your home to provide an additional layer of protection.

  • Trees and shrubs in yard within 30' of your home will be inspected and treated for trailing ants or mounds at base of trees.

  • Driveway, front entry and walkway will be blown of loose leaves.

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