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Superior Service

Family Owned &




Providing superior service throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties that is effective, professional, and convenient to our customers.

We make sure each technician is fully trained and ready to service your home with continuous training to ensure the proper knowledge to resolve your issue.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We will provide additional services at no additional charge until your problem is solved.

Level Up Your Service Expectations

Affordable Pest Solutions and Screen Services for Your Home or Business

Keeping your home pest-free can be a full-time job. Let the professionals at Sarasota Pest & Screen Solutions help!

Do you have unwanted visitors living in your home or on your property? We can remove rodents and keep them out, ensuring you and your family are comfortable and safe!

German Roach

Say goodbye to ants, cockroaches, spiders, and more. Our Pest control services are effective, family friendly, and guaranteed so your experience with us is smooth from start to finish!


Stop swatting and itching with our exterior mosquito reduction treatments. We'll treat your whole property to rid you of pesky mosquitoes and keep them gone so you can enjoy your yard again!

Fire Ant

Fire ants can ruin outdoor activities or even worse be deadly. From right next to your home or your entire property, trust that Sarasota Pest & Screen Solutions will protect you and your family.

Fire Ant

Your bedroom is a sacred place. Trust Sarasota Pest & Screen Solutions to rid your space of bed bugs so you can sleep in peace again. 

Bed bug
Couple Sleeping by LeeAnn Cline
Honey Bee
Yellow Jacket

Bees and yellow jackets are very important to the environment. Sometimes they invade homes and trees close to homes. We can remove these hazards, keeping you and your family safe. 

Holes and tears in screens allow insects into your lanai and front entry. From one ripped panel to a full cage rescreening, you can trust Sarasota Pest & Screen Solutions to keep insects out and keep you and your family comfortable and safe.


Sometimes they break. Sometimes they rot. Sometimes they have never been. No matter your story, trust Sarasota Pest & Screen Solutions to custom make new screens for your windows.

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